Trail Services 2019 Catalog

The catalog contains has color photographs, technical tips on tool use, trail construction and maintenance.
The 2019 catalog is available online, (see link below), or upon request we will send you a printed copy, visit our contact page.

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Our Order Form is available Here

(And here is a  Griphoist® Brochure)

Note, to view the catalog,price list, order form, sale items or the Griphost® Brochure, you may need the Adobe PDF Reader

Here is a partial list of the tools and supplies found in the catalog:
  • Ames Tools: Round Point Shovels, Digging And Pencil Point Bars, Bush Cutters
  • Amsteel Blue Rope, as strong as steel and 1/7th the weight
  • Bahco (Formerly Sandvick) Forestry Tools: Bow Saws, Folding Saw, Felling Bars, Clearing Axes, Wedges
  • Carbide Masonry Bits: Spline and Hex Drive
  • Chain: Campbell® Grade 3 and Grade 10 Chain, Anchor Shackles, Wire Rope Clips
  • Council Tools: McCleod Fire Tool (Hoe), Fire Rake, Mattock, Pinch Point Crowbars, Drilling, Sledge Hammer And Spalling Hammers
  • Griphoist® Winches And Accessories, Including Swivel Hooks, Shear Pins, Snatch Blocks And Cables
  • Lewis Winch;  Chainsaw Powered Winch
  • Lifting Slings: Liftall® Nylon Web Slings, Boulder Slings, Hand Carry Slings And Tuflex Polyester Round Slings
  • Micro Mill: Chainsaw Mill
  • Nylon Hand Carry Slings to carry heavy loads
  • Peavey Manufacturing; Peaveys, Timber Carriers, Bark Spuds, Pulp Hooks, Shingle Froe And Draw Shaves
  • Port-a-wrap, for belaying and braking heavy loads
  • Rock Anchors by A B Chance:
  • Rock Breakers: Micro Blasters, Bentonamit, Magnum BusterTM
  • Rotary Hammer Drills by Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita
  • Gas Powered Rock Drills: DD118, Cobra Combi And Used Pico 14, and drill bits
  • Snatch Blocks: Drop Side, With Hooks, Gate Latches, With Swivels
  • Snow & Nealley Axes; Pulaski, With Leather Sheathes.
  • Star Drills For Hand Drilling Rock
  • Trown and Holden Stone Tools: Hand Chisel, Hand Point, Hand Set, Hand Tracer, Rifters, Bull Sets, Masons Hammers, Wedges And Shims (feathers)
  • Tamco Drill Rods & Integral Bits
  • Tanaka Gas Engine Drills And Augers For Timber Structures
  • Warwood Tools; Forest Adze Hoe, Crowbars, Mattocks and Hammers
  • Wire Rope, Thimbles, Sauerman® Continuous Cable Clamp
  • Wire Rope Clips; Crosby® Campbell®
  • Wire Rope Grips; Little Mule Linemans Wire Grip, Klein Parallel Jaw Grip And Haven Grips
  • Yamaha Portable Gas Generators

AB Chance Rock Anchor used to lift a boulder on a high line
AB Chance Rock Anchor used to
lift a boulder on a high line.

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